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7 lessons from heaven, how dying taught me to live a joy-filled life, Mary C. Neal, M.D.

7 lessons from heaven, how dying taught me to live a joy-filled life, Mary C. Neal, M.D.
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7 lessons from heaven
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Mary C. Neal, M.D.
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how dying taught me to live a joy-filled life
Mary Neal takes readers deeper into her experience, which includes encounters with angels, a journey to a "city of light," and what it was like to meet Jesus face-to-face. Even more, Neal shares how she came back with clarity that the God we hope for - the one who knows us, loves each of us as though we are the only one, and wants us to experience joy in our daily life - is worthy of our absolute trust. She offers practical insights and inspiration for how each of us can experience this God every day and begin living joyfully - without regret, worry, anxiety, or fear
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River of death, river of life -- Seeing my life from outside time -- We are both physical and spiritual beings -- Sitting next to Jesus -- Life goes further than science -- Crossing over and coming back -- A guided tour of heaven -- Miracles are always in the making -- Angels walk among us -- God has a plan -- Beauty blossoms from all things -- There is hope in the midst of loss -- How to live with absolute trust -- Step 1, look beyond, forming a hypothesis with an open heart -- Step 2, look around, collecting evidence from the natural world and other people -- Step 3, look within, finding signs of God's presence in personal experiences -- Step 4, form a conclusion, revaluating your hypothesis and making a choice -- The sweetest fruit on earth
Seven lessons from heaven
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