Context of The tomb of Dracula : the complete collection, vol. 05, Marv Wolfman, Doug Moench & Roy Thomas with Don Glut, writers ; Gene Colan, Sonny Trinidad & Dick Giordano with David Wenzel, pencilers ; Tom Palmer, Sonny Trinidad & Dick Giordano with Marilitz, inkers ; Michele Wolfman, Glynis Wein, Marie Severin, Tom Palmer, Françoise Mouly & Carl Gafford with Marv Wolfman, colorists ; John Costanza, Gaspar Saladino, Joe Rosen, Denise Wohl, Jim Novak and VC's Cory Petit & Rus Wooton with Chris Eliopoulos, letterers ; Mark Gruenwald, assistant editor ; Roy Thomas & Jim Shooter with Archie Goodwin & Roger Slifer, consulting editors ; Ralph Macchio, associate editor ; Marv Wolfman, Roger Slifer & Mark D. Beazley with Roy Thomas, editors ; Gene Colan & Tom Palmer, cover artists