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The binding chair, or, A visit from the Foot Emancipation Society, a novel, Kathryn Harrison

The binding chair, or, A visit from the Foot Emancipation Society, a novel, Kathryn Harrison
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The binding chair, or, A visit from the Foot Emancipation Society
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Kathryn Harrison
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a novel
The author of The Kiss tells the story of two women whose lives intersect in turn-of-the-century Shanghai; a Chinese girl named Mai, and her Western niece, Alice. 50,000 first printing. In poised and elegant prose, Kathryn Harrison weaves in The Binding Chair; or, A Visit from the Foot Emancipation Society, a stunning story of women, travel, and flight; of love, revenge, and fear; of the search for home and the need to escape it. Set in alluring Shanghai at the turn of the century, The Binding Chair intertwines the destinies of a Chinese woman determined to forget her past and a Western girl focused on the promises of the future. Beautiful, charismatic, destructive May, escapes an arranged marriage in rural nineteenth-century China for life in a Shanghai brothel, where she meets Arthur, an Australian whose philanthropic pursuits lead him into one scrape after another. As a member of the Foot Emancipation Society, Arthur calls on May not for his pleasure but for her rehabilitation, only to find himself immediately and helplessly seduced by the sight of her bound feet. Reforming May is out of the question, so love-struck Arthur marries her instead and brings her home to live with him, his sister and brother-in-law, and their two girls, Alice and Cecily. In Alice, May sees the possibility of redemption: a surrogate for a child she has lost. And it is to May that Alice turns for the love her own mother withholds. But when the twelve-year-old is caught preparing her aunt's opium pipe, she is shipped off to a London boarding school, far from the dangerous influence of the woman who will come to reclaim her and to control the whole family. The Binding Chair unfolds among scenes of astonishing beauty and cruelty, in a lawless place where traditions and cultures clash, and where tragedy threatens a world built on the banks of unsettled waters, from the bustling Whangpoo River to the lake of blood in the Chinese afterworld. By turns shocking, exquisite, and hilarious, The Binding Chair is another spellbinding literary triumph by the writer whose work Michiko Kakutani of The New York Times has called "powerful and hypnotic."
Table Of Contents
Apprenticeship -- Czar's clock -- Binding chair -- Construction train -- Twice thwarted -- Apparitions -- View from the gardener's back -- Short history of a prodigy -- Long-handled spoon -- Seance -- Weakness for Russian officers -- Visit from the foot emancipation society -- Adventure and arrest -- Search undertaken -- Bright, worthless coins -- Year of the foot tax -- Cure for lisping -- Discipline for girls -- Ten-in-one -- Justice served -- Dolly cleans house -- Circumnavigation -- Heroes of the great war -- Syntax and symmetry -- Spanish influenza -- Drink the water -- Pipe dreams of a rat -- Head of the family -- Hospitality -- Facility with language -- Sunny coast of France -- Shoes for walking -- Proposal -- Promenade -- Birthday celebration -- Bay of angels
Binding chairVisit from the Foot Emancipation Society
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