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Bitter pill, Sisterhood series, book 32, Fern Michaels

Bitter pill, Sisterhood series, book 32, Fern Michaels
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Bitter pill
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Fern Michaels
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Sisterhood, book 32
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Sisterhood series, book 32
For the Sisterhood, there's a special satisfaction that comes with helping a friend in need, especially when it's someone as dear as Charlotte Hansen. Myra Rutledge's childhood friend has spent tens of thousands of dollars on remedies to boost longevity. But far from improving her health, the medications seem to be destroying it. Myra becomes suspicious of the trio of doctors in charge of the program, especially once the Sisterhood's investigations reveal that one patient has died, and another lapsed into a coma. While those in their care suffer, the three doctors--located in London, Aspen, and New York--all enjoy indulgent lifestyles and extravagant toys. But justice is always the best medicine--and no one dispenses it better than the Sisterhood. Sequel to "Truth and justice". 2020
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