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Interventions, Noam Chomsky

Interventions, Noam Chomsky
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Noam Chomsky
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Foreword: Peter Hart -- 9/11: Lessons unlearned -- The U.S. versus Iraq: a modest proposal -- The case against war in Iraq -- Now that the war has begun -- Iraq is the trial run -- Road map to nowhere -- 9/11 and the "age of terror" -- The United States and the United Nations -- Dilemmas of dominance -- Saddam before the Tribunal -- Saddam Hussein and crimes of state -- A wall as a weapon -- The United States: Terrorist sanctuary -- Dangerous times: the U.S.-Iraq War and its aftermath -- Iraq: the roots of resistance -- The rules of disengagement in Israel-Palestine -- Who is to run the world and how? -- John Negroponte: from Central America to Iraq -- Democracy building must begin at home -- The disconnect in American democracy -- "We" are good -- Imperial presidency and its consequences -- The Iraq debacle and international order -- "Democracy promotion" in the Middle East -- The universality of human rights -- Dr. Strangelove meets the age of terror -- The Social Security non-crisis -- The hidden agenda in the Iraq War -- The legacy of Hiroshima and the present terror -- 9/11 and the doctrine of good intentions -- The Bush administration during hurricane season --"Intelligent design" and its consequences -- South America at the tipping point -- The hidden meaning of the Iraqi elections -- The Hamas victory and "democracy promotion" -- Asia, the Americas and the reigning superpower -- "Just war" theory and the real world -- Disarming the Iran nuclear showdown -- Viewing Lebanon as if through a bombsight -- Latin America declares its independence -- Alternatives for the Americas -- What is at stake in Iraq -- The cold war between Washington and Tehran -- The great soul of power
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