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The unknown soldier, Gerald Seymour

The unknown soldier, Gerald Seymour
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The unknown soldier
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Gerald Seymour
In The unknown soldier, based on the horrifying premise of an Al Qaeda terrorist who convinces his captors that he is a simple taxi driver and is mistakenly released from the prison compounds at Guantanamo, Seymour demonstrates his trademark ability to weave stunningly intricate and engrossing plots from the drama of current international events, and he has created his most thrilling and suspenseful novel yet. Hidden in the vastness of the world's greatest desert, the Empty Quarter of Saudi Arabia, a tiny caravan of fugitives and camels moves slowly toward its goal. Deep in the sand, lost from sight, are the men they seek, the leaders of Al Qaeda, regrouping to strike again. One man in the caravan stands out. His strength and self-imposed discipline mark him. His identity is masked, his past blanketed from memory. What drives him into the brutal harshness of the desert is his obsessive quest to rejoin his family and be briefed on his next target
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