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The crimson portrait, a novel, Jody Shields

The crimson portrait, a novel, Jody Shields
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The crimson portrait
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Jody Shields
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a novel
A spellbinding new work of historical fiction that lays bare the ravages of love and war. On a sprawling country estate not far from London, a young woman mourns her husband, fallen on a distant battlefield. The isolated and eerie stillness in which she grieves is shattered as her home is transformed into a bustling military hospital to serve the war's most irreparably injured. Disturbed by the intrusion of the suffering men and their caretakers, the young widow finds unexpected solace in the company of a wounded soldier whose face, concealed by bandages, she cannot see. Their affair takes an unexpected turn when fate presents her with an opportunity: to remake her lover-with the unwitting help of a visionary surgeon and an American woman artist-in the image of her lost husband
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