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No higher honor, a memoir of my years in Washington, Condoleezza Rice

No higher honor, a memoir of my years in Washington, Condoleezza Rice
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No higher honor
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Condoleezza Rice
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a memoir of my years in Washington
A former national security advisor and Secretary of State offers the compelling story of her eight years serving at the highest levels of government, including the difficult job she faced in the wake of 9/11
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Before the crack in time -- Honest broker -- Policy begins -- The Middle East -- Vladimir Putin -- "The United States is under attack" -- War planning begins -- The War on Terror and the home front -- Trouble in nuclear South Asia -- The two-state solution -- The world's most dangerous weapons -- Saddam again -- Confronting the international community with a choice -- 48 hours -- Bush the African -- New challenges in Iraq -- 2004 -- "Iraqis need to govern themselves" -- Another step toward a Palestinian state -- Four more years -- Secretary of state -- Promoting America's interests and values abroad -- High mountains and dirt -- The color revolutions multiply -- Baghdad and Cairo -- A heartbreaking place called Darfur -- Katrina -- Bringing back the all-nighter -- Can anything else go wrong? -- Transformational diplomacy -- Building a new relationship with India -- Democracy in Latin America and beyond -- A change of leadership in Iraq -- Shifting course on Iran -- The Middle East plunges into war -- Revising the framework for the War on Terror -- Iraq spirals downward -- An explosion in Asia and a challenge for U.S.-China relations -- Playing the last card -- A diplomatic surge -- A new approach to Latin America -- Improving the daily lives of Palestinians -- Iraq and the home front -- The road to Annapolis -- Emergency rule -- Final-status talks begin -- A final year -- It seems like yesterday--it seems like forever -- Whither China? -- Olmert makes an offer -- Completing the task of building a Europe whole, free, and at peace -- War breaks out in Georgia -- Cementing key relationships with Iraq and India -- He lives in his own head -- One last chance for North Korea -- The financial crisis of 2008 -- Mumbai -- One last chance for a Palestinian state.''
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