Context of Peter Porker, the spectacular Spider-Ham : the complete collection, vol. 01, writers, Tom DeFalco, Steve Mellor, Steve Skeates, Mike Carlin & Mike Mellor ; pencilers, Mark Armstrong, Steve Mellor, Joe Albelo, Fred Hembeck, Tony Salmons & Art Nichols with Eric Cartier, Howard Bender & Mike Mellor ; inkers, Joe Albelo, Steve Mellor, Pierre Fournier & Vince Colletta with Eric Cartier, Howard Bender & Mike Mellor ; colorists, Steve Mellor, George Roussos & Julianna Ferriter with Eric Cartier letterers, Rick Parker, Jack Morelli, Steve Mellor, Janice Chiang & Kurt Hathaway with Joe Albelo, Deb Klein, Diana Albers & Pat Brousseau ; assistant editors, Jim Owsley & Pat Redding ; editor, Larry Hama ; executive editor, Tom DeFalco ; front cover artists, Joe Albelo & Veronica Gandini ; back cover artist, Joe Albelo ; Spider-Man created by Stan Lee & Steve Ditko