The Best Horror of the Year
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  • The Best Horror of the Year
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  • The Best Horror of the Year
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  • A doctor makes a late-night emergency call to an exclusive California riding school; a professor inherits a mysterious vase... and a strange little man; a struggling youth discovers canine horrors lurking beneath the streets of Albany; a sheriff ruthlessly deals with monstrosities plaguing his rural town; a pair of animal researchers makes a frightening discovery at a remote site; a sweet little girl entertains herself... by torturing faeries; a group of horror aficionados attempts to track down an unfinished film by a reclusive cult director; a man spends a chill night standing watch over his
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  • Best Horror of the Year, v.3
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  • SUMMATION 2010; Awards; Notable Novels of 2010; Also noted; Anthologies; Mixed-Genre Anthologies; Single-Author Collections; Mixed-Genre Collections; Journals, Newsletters, Magazines, and Webzines; Mixed-Genre Magazines; Poetry; Nonfiction Books; Chapbooks and Limited Editions; Odds and Ends; AT THE RIDING SCHOOL; One; Two; Three; MR. PIGSNY; I; II; III; CITY OF THE DOG; I; II; III; IV; V; JUST OUTSIDE OUR WINDOWS, DEEP INSIDE OUR WALLS; LESSER DEMONS; WHEN THE ZOMBIES WIN; -- 30 -- ; FALLEN BOYS; WAS SHE WICKED? WAS SHE GOOD?; THE FEAR; TILL THE MORNING COMES; SHOMER
  • OH I DO LIKE TO BE BESIDE THE SEASIDETHE OBSCURE BIRD; TRANSFIGURATION; THE DAYS OF FLAMING MOTORCYCLES; THE FOLDING MAN; JUST ANOTHER DESERT NIGHT WITH BLOOD; BLACK AND WHITE SKY; I; II; III; AT NIGHT, WHEN THE DEMONS COME; THE REVEL; 1. The Chase; 2. The Setting (A): The Village; 3. The Setting (B): The Forest; 4. The Characters (A): The Police Chief; 5. The Characters (B): Barbara Dinasha; 6. The Characters (C): The Werewolf; 7. The Characters (D): You; 8. Some Headlines (in Lieu of Successive Descriptions of, Essentially, the Same Thing); 9. A Small Town in the North
  • 10. Trees Painted on Plywood Walls11. A Cabin in the Woods; 12. Six Drawings Hung in a Coffeehouse; HONORABLE MENTIONS; AUTHOR BIOS; ACKNOWLEDGMENT IS MADE FOR PERMISSION TO PRINT THE FOLLOWING MATERIAL:; ABOUT THE AUTHOR:;
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