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Eisenhower, the White House years, Jim Newton

Eisenhower, the White House years, Jim Newton
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Jim Newton
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the White House years
Newly discovered and declassified documents make for a surprising and revealing portrait of the president we thought we knew. Belittled by his critics as the babysitter-in-chief, Eisenhower ground down Joseph McCarthy, stimulated the economy to lift it from recession, and turned an $8 billion deficit in 1953 into a $500 million surplus in 1960. The President Eisenhower of popular imagination is a benign figure, armed with a putter, a winning smile, and little else. The Eisenhower of veteran journalist Jim Newton's rendering is shrewd, sentimental, and tempestuous. Admired as a general, he was a champion of peace. In Korea and Vietnam, in Quemoy and Berlin, his generals urged him to wage nuclear war. Time and again he considered the idea and rejected it. And it was Eisenhower who appointed the liberal justices Earl Warren and William Brennan and who then called in the military to enforce desegregation in the schools.--From publisher description
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Making Ike. The lessons of family ; The mentoring of soldiers ; Learning politics -- The first term. From candidate to president ; Changing America's course ; Consequences ; Security ; "McCarthywasm" ; Revolutions ; Heartache ; Crisis and revival ; On the edge -- The second term. The press of change, the price of inaction ; Nuclear interlude ; Many ways to fight ; Loss ; The final months ; Rejection ; Farewell
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