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Great classic hauntings, 6 unabridged stories

Great classic hauntings, 6 unabridged stories
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Great classic hauntings
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Audio editions mystery masters
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6 unabridged stories
Share the captivating horror of the supernatural in these six complete stories presented by a masterful reader. Contains: "A Watcher by the Dead" by Ambrose Bierce, in which a corpse brings death, dereliction, and madness to those who would play with it. "The Body-Snatchers" by Robert Louis Stevenson, in which a never-ending demand for bodies for medical dissection delivers nightly horrors. "Adventure of the German Student" by Washington Irving, in which a German student, caught up in the tempestuous times of the French Revolution, is intoxicated by the beauty of a stranger, and pledges himself to her forever. "Dickon the Devil" by J. Sheridan Le Fanu, in which Barwyke Hall, isolated and sinister, is haunted by both the living and the dead. "The Fall of the House of Usher" by Edgar Allan Poe, in which the melancholy House of Usher afflicts its owner with a morbid gloom. And "The Open Window" by Saki, in which a nervous newcomer is overcome by a surprising visit!
Table Of Contents
A watcher by the dead / Ambrose Bierce -- The body-snatchers / R.L. Stevenson -- Adventure of the German student / Washington Irving -- Dickon the devil / J. Sheridan Le Fanu -- The fall of the house of usher / E.A. Poe -- The open window / Saki
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