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Jean Arthur drama collection, Turner Classic Movies

Jean Arthur drama collection, Turner Classic Movies
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Jean Arthur drama collection
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Turner Classic Movies
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TCM Vault collection
Presented for the first time on DVD, digitally restored and remastered, these four features showcase Arthurs range and virtuosity at an early stage in the sound era, playing everything from melodramas and tearjerkers to courtroom dramas and morality talesWhirlpool: "Buck Rankin, the owner of a disreputable traveling carnival, is sentenced to prison for twenty years on a manslaughter charge. Not wanting his wife to waste her life waiting for him, he forges a note from the warden to her, claiming he died in an escape attempt. Upon his release years later, Rankin reinvents himself as a nightclub owner but his past life comes back to haunt him."Most Precious Thing in Life: "Ellen, an elderly cleaning woman, returns to her former hometown and finds a job at the university. While cleaning the dormitory rooms, she learns that one of the attending students is Chris Kelsey....the son she had to abandon years early. Though she keeps her true identity a secret, Ellen develops a close attachment to Chris"The Defense Rests: "Law school graduate Joan Hayes hounds attorney Matthew Mitchell for a job. Impressed by her spunk and intelligence, Mitchell hires her but Joan quickly becomes disillusioned with her employer's criminal clients and his questionable methods he uses to win cases."Party Wire: "When Matthew Putnam, heir to the Putnam Dairy fortune, returns to his hometown to attend to family business, the local women take a special interest in his bachelor status. Once it becomes apparent that he is only interested in Marge Oliver, jealousy gives away to dangerous gossip."
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WhirlpoolMost precious thing in lifeDefense restsParty wire

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