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Rogue forces, Dale Brown

Rogue forces, Dale Brown
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Rogue forces
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Dale Brown
The clash of civilizations will be won ... by the highest bidder. The newly inaugurated President Joseph Gardner pledged to start pulling U.S. forces out of Iraq on his first day of office . Meanwhile, the former President Kevin Martindale and retired Air Force lieutenant-general Patrick McLanahan have left government behind for the lucrative world of military contracting. Their firm, Scion Aviation International, has been hired to take over aerial patrols in northern Iraq. Yet Iraq quickly re-emerges as a hot zone: Kurdish nationalist attacks have led the Republic of Turkey to invade northern Iraq, the new American president needs to regain control of the situation, but he's reluctant to send U.S. forces back into harm's way, leaving Scion the only credible force in the region capable of blunting the Turk's advances. But when Patrick McLanahan makes the decision to take the fight to the Turks. can the president rein him in?
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