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Louis L'Amour's lost treasures, [volume 1], mysterious stories, lost notes and unfinished manuscripts from one of the world's most popular novelists, by Louis L'Amour with Beau L'Amour

Using his father's handwritten notes, journal entries, and correspondences, Beau L'Amour uncovers how and why many never-before-seen manuscripts were written - and speculates about the ways they might have ended. These selections celebrate L'Amour's vision and virtuosity, including the first seven chapters of a powerful novel about the Trail of Tears, a chilling Western horror story, and a tale of the American Revolution featuring a character related to L'Amour's well-known Sackett family. At the other end of the spectrum are classic adventures, such as "The golden tapestry", set in 1960s Istanbul, as well as several uniquely different attempts at what would have been the most profoundly intimate of all of L'Amour's novels, a saga of reincarnation that stretches from a time before time, to the period of Alexander the Great, and on to Warlord-Era China. 2019
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